Lope Encarnacion

Congratulations. You have found the galaxy’s most prized booty. Or my online treasure repository, whichever is clever. In this age, it seems prudent to have cloud real estate for my drawn rings against extreme cases of dragon siege, various kinds of war, the zombie apocalypse, or the inevitable death of man by mankind, in the event that other beings (or myself) would want to know what this guy had been up to.

Large papers often occupy half of my desk in lieu of a sketch pad. Whenever the drawn rings spill over, I take a pictograph and post it here. Other than this, I'm the worst at social media. So bad at being social, so oblivious to mass media. I’m very much willing to learn though, so any help would be most appreciated as it would require mountains of patience and truckloads of time.

If you need help with your branding or design solutions, you may see some work I helped others out with at- http://ideamill21.wordpress.com

If you are into photos of trees and car parts, you can opt to view the Instagram cam at- http://instagram.com/graphitegraff

Captions are a bane when they have to be entered on a keyboard as big as my thumb.

If you are into deciphering random phrases, you could listen to the Twitter bird at- http://twitter.com/graphitegraff

If you are into images of other people's mundane lives, you might feel the urge to spot the Tumblr bot at- http://graphitegraff.tumblr.com/

If you are into reading so much that you can stomach bad writing, you may choose to read more on the WordPress pad at- http://graphitegraff.wordpress.com/

There are no blueprints here, my plans are kept secret as Sun Tzu and Biggie advised me. There are no insights here, other than what fortunate clever trolls come up with.

Naturally, anyone looking for a motive on this page shall be decapitated; anyone looking for a moral in it shall be crucified; anyone looking for a plot in it shall be shot. But of course, you all know that.